I am an enthusiastic programmer and an avid supporter of computer programming, logical problem solving and relevant contests. In the year 2001, I developed a website to guide the ACM-ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) contestants called ACMSolver (referred as an ICPC blog in the Wikipedia: The ACM-ICPC, see also its 2010 promotion video on YouTube).

I  worked as a programming contest problem setter  (e.g., University de Valladolid (UVa) Online Judge, problem numbers: 10219, 10220, 10221, 10222) as well as a successful organizer of local and national computer programming contests (e.g., DIPC07).

In the year 2006, I produced a programming contest study material titled Art of Programming Contest, as cited in an article published by Dr. Dobbs Journal and also in the supporting materials of the Wikivarsity book Design and Analysis of Algorithms as well as in the ACM UVa Online judge), has became a popular download item from several computer programming contest related websites (Read more. A comment on my works from the ACM-ICPC Manager:

We applaud your enthusiasm and wish you much success in all your endeavours.

Marsha Poucher, ACM-ICPC Manager, 8 Dec, 2006.

After finishing my PhD, I have started working as a Post-doc at the at The University of Newcastle, Australia from Jan 2013. Besides, I coached the University of Newcastle's programming Contest Team in the ACM-ICPC South Pacific Contest 2013 at the University of Sydney site.

Some study materials for the ACM-ICPC contestants (links below):

Ahmed Shamsul Arefin

Research Academic

Centre for Bioinformatics, Biomarker Discovery & Information-Based Medicine (CIBM)
R 3020, HMRI Building,
Hunter Medical Research Institute
Kookaburra Circuit 1,
New Lambton Heights, NSW, 2305,

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Coach, University of Newcastle Programming Contest Team 2013.

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