Hello programmers!

This website is my personal effort to help the programming contest entusiasts around the world. I developed it in 2001 as a guide to myself and the ACM-ICPC contestants, it was then called the It has been noted as an ICPC blog in the Wikipedia: The ACM-ICPC.

A little background: I was a programming contest contestant in between 1999 and 2003 and worked as a problem setter for the University de Valladolid (UVa) Online Judge in 2001 (see problem numbers: 10219, 10220, 10221, 10222). I organised (contest director) a national computer programming contest in Bangladesh in 2007 (see DIPC07 contest) and compiled a programming contest study material in 2006 titled the Art of Programming Contest, as cited in an article published by Dr. Dobbs Journal and also in the supporting materials of the Wikivarsity book Design and Analysis of Algorithms as well as in the ACM UVa Online judge (Read more). I also worked as a coach for the University of Newcastle's ACM-ICPC teams and led them to South Pacific Programming contest hosted by the University of Sydney in 2013.

Maintained by - Ahmed Shamsul Arefin